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Current and upcoming:


2023     Group, GArt Gallery, Pescara, IT

2023     Group, ARTFOLDER, Chiasso, CH



2022.10-12 Group, ARTFOLDER, Chiasso, CH

2022.04 ArteGenova,  with SATURA, Genoa, IT

2022.03 Colorida, Lisbon, PT

2022.01-12     Group, GArt Gallery, Pescara, IT

2021 Group, GArt Gallery, Pescara, IT

2021 Atelier, Oederlin Areal, Baden, CH

2021 Barcelona 1.0, ARTBOX.PROJECT, Barcelona, ES

2020 Solo, GArt Gallery, Pescara, IT

2020 Atelier, Oederlin Areal, Baden, CH

2020 More is more, Rossocinabro, Rome, IT

2020 Permanent is nowhere, Rome Art Week, Rossocinabro, Rome, IT

2020 Breathe, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

2020 Enigma, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

2020 Stories from before, Rossocinabro, Rome, IT

2020 Zürich 2.0, ARTBOX.PROJECT, Zürich, CH

2020 Disorganised Exhibitions, Shanghai, CN
2020 Athens Open Art, ArtNumber23, Athens, GR 


2020 Cromosoma XX, Divulgarti, Genoa, IT 

2020 Co-existence 7, Rossocinabro, Rome, IT

2020 Like this and like that, Rossocinabro, Rome, IT

2020 On Earth and Elswhere, Rossocinabro, Rome, IT

2020 Soffitti di Cristallo, Divulgarti, Genoa, IT

2020 Showcase, Rossocinabro, Rome, IT
2020 Emerge, Envision Arts at Armadillo Art Gallery, Denton TX, US
2020 Abstract Art, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
2020 Videne Formy, HYB4 Galerie, Prague, CZ
2020 CIRCLE, Ricercarte, Matera, IT
2019 Ideas are forms of life, Rossocinabro, Rome, IT
2019 Halcyon, Envision Arts at The Continental Lofts Art Gallery, Dallas TX, US
2019 Miami 2.0, ARTBOX.PROJECT at Art Basel, Miami FL, US
2019 ImFenster, Zürich, CH
2019 Red Yellow Blue, Van Der Plas, New York NY, US
2019 Be Rossocinabro, Rossocinabro, Rome, IT
2019 SupriseX, artAZ in The Project Gallery, Athens, GR


ArtFolio 2021
Capsules Book, Curatorial Volume.2

Magazine43 #9
Art Reveal #52
Art & Beyond Winter
Artqol #7
AArt Magazine #40
Wotisart Magazine #32
A5 Magazine #31
Wotisart Magazine #31
A5 Magazine #30

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